Water for Hope

Hey everyone!

Kathleen, Olivia, and Lindsay here, and we're trying to raise money to build a well for the community of Nako, Ghana! We were all so fortunate to be in Ghana this past Spring for six weeks, and within that time, explored an organization called Hope for all Children's Development. HOFACDEP is made up of an extraordinary group of people, and just recently built a school for the children of Nako, where their previous school lay in ruins.

Nako is a rural community of 518 people in the Upper West Region of Ghana, who currently rely on a well that contains polluted, discoloured water. It is the goal of HOFACDEP and the three of us, to construct a new well for this community. We hope that with access to clean water we can keep the people of Nako healthy, and consequently keep the children of Nako in school so they can ultimately escape the poverty they are so harshly exposed to.

The estimated cost of the well is $14 172, a number that is impossible for HOFACDEP to achieve without our help. We have applied for a grant to cover a large portion of the cost, however not the entirety of it.

With your support, no matter how small or large, we can make our goal a reality for the people of Nako, and give them the quality of life they deserve.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this, we can't tell you how much we, and the people of Nako, appreciate it!

Happy Holidays!

-Kathleen, Olivia, and Lindsay

* For more information regarding HOFACDEP, the work that they do, and the community of Nako, you can can contact Atayaaba Justus Triumph at hofacdep@gmail.com!

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